So much to do! ..and I have the whole afternoon to myself, almost!!

Where to start first? blog or in the shed with the kiln. Hopefully, this will clear my head.

 I hope to continue to get more Illustrator training through to my redundancy fund, kindly made available through the Welsh government. This will take place at the Printhaus studio’s, one to one training is a must in this case! I need to sort out images prepared in vector so I can get my copper sheets water jet cut to design and send off to CIRIC design consultancy. This will take my project into it’s second phase and I can really start thinking about the exhibition in Llantarnum Arts Centre.
Visiting Printhaus studios Friday for my induction for membership at last!

Theses are some images of previous work under taken last Autumn, screen printed lace that has been exposed for 1 minute directly onto the exposure unit.  Really happy with how well the lace has printed. Clearly picking up the fine details of thread that are old and worn as they’re all scraps saved from garments before disposed of.

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