During my Print making Masters degree i began experimenting with contemporary enamelling techniques incorporating various print procedures. Last year i was awarded an Arts Council of Wales Project grant which has enabled me to further investigate this medium.
Recently, I’ve created a series of screen prints which involves the theme of found paraphernalia using found objects and imagery. This is a common theme running through much of my recent work. I’ve used old hand written postcards, laundry booklets from the 1930s and tired pieces of antique lace and crochet that have been salvaged from old garments.Combining the use of hand written text and lace I have began to explore the comparisons between the visual aesthetics of lace and the character and expression of the hand written word.
For me there is a narrative quality that connects all the objects; each containing a trace of the past. The application of enamel interprets the concept of retaining an object or memory in time, preserving it for the future by sealing it under the surface of enamel.
The firing process transforms the enamel to produce a rich, permanent, tactile surface with unique quality of line, colour and luminosity.